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LED Lenser X21.2 Xtreme Torch Black Hard Case

Product Description

  • Much favoured by emergency services personnel, search and rescue teams and subterranean activity enthusiasts this is a torch to be handled with care by only the very serious or professional user.

    Seven ultra-strong Xtreme Power LEDs inside its head can only mean one thing: shatteringly bright, mind-blowing brightness

  • Instant, smooth, stage-less beam selection.
    Dynamic Switch ™ - Reactive, single switch control.
    Large beam width due to larger head size - great for illuminating large areas.
    Robust, protective aircraft-grade aluminium housing.
    User-friendly modular design.
    Corrosion resistant gold plated contacts for better conductivity.
    Water and dust resistant to IPX54.
    Protective hard carry/storage case.

    Technical Information:

    Water/dust resistant to IPX54.
    Size: 397 x 95mm Ø.
    Power: 1,600 Lumens max.
    Run Time: up to 100 hours.
    Beam Distance: up to 600m.
    Weight: 1400g.
    Supplied with : Hard Case, Shoulder-strap, and Duracell® batteries (4xD).

  • It is simple to focus from one to the other by a forward and back Speed Focus on the head of the torch
  • Micro-chip controlled light options -Power, Low Power, Defence Strobe.
    Speed Focus™
  • Even some car headlights look dim by comparison - that's how extraordinarily bright this torch is.

    The patented Advanced Focus System optics and X-Lens Technology fuse the light rays into a circular, flawless close-range flood beam or a highly concentrated searchlight

  • A push switch on the barrel allows the user to adjust consumption settings from Low Power to Power to Defence Strobe.

    The X21.2 has a stunning burn time up to 100 hours on Low (250 Lumens) and is supplied with 4 x D-batteries plus a protective hard case and comfortable detachable shoulder strap.


    Seven LED super bright large hand-held light cannon with stunning lighting performance.
    Energy efficient CREE ® Xtreme+ LED Light Chips.
    State-of-the-art, reliable German engineering.
    Advanced Focus System™ Optics

  • Patented reflector and lens combination for intense spot (distance ) or flawless flood (near ) illumination.
    X-Lens Technology™

  • A multi-LED light canon, the LED Lenser LED9421 X21.2 is a large sized torch which produces an awesome light output

  • In numeric terms that's 1600 Lumens and 600 metres maximum penetrative strength
  • Multiple lenses perfectly calibrated to produce an awesome single beam.
    Smart Light Technology™
  • In actual terms this means it will light up the sides of mountains, the deepest of underground caves or further than the length of Brighton Pier

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