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Lessmann Wheel Brush D200mm x W28-30 x 80 Bore Set 4 +1 Steel Wire 0.30

Product Description

  • Stripping or polishing.

    A decisive factor for choosing the most suitable brush is the wire and tube diameter

  • 4,500

  • Brushes with a larger tube diameter are filled with more wire, are more aggressive and have a longer life

  • Set 2: 40, 32, 22.2, 20, & 16mm, 1in & 1/2in.
    Set 3: 50, 32, 22.2, 10, & 16mm, 1in & 1/2in.
    Set 4: brushes with metal discs bore 50.8 and double keyway 7x13; plus adaptor to bore 30.


  • 200mm.
  • Wheel Brushes filled with crimped wire are used for the purpose of obtaining different surface finishes.
    For the removal of rust, paint and dirt, for roughening, de-burring

  • 16mm.
    Wire Gauge.0.30/0.35.
    Wire Type.Steel Crimped.
    Max R.P.M
  • Some of the brushes are supplied with adaptor sets that allows easy mounting on all popular grinding machines.

    The adaptors have the following dimensions:
    Set 1: 30, 22.2, 20, 16 & 12mm, 1in & 1/2in

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