ACHB10002 Lil-Lets

Lil-Lets Non-Applicator Tampons - Super Plus Extra - Pack of 14

  • Lil-lets super plus extra tampons are the most absorbent tampon available and give outstanding protection from leaks for a very heavy flow.


Product Description

  • Great looking packs for your bathroom
  • Lil-lets are discreet to use and carry around
  • Available in 5 absorbencies: mini, regular, super, super plus and super plus extra
  • Lil-Lets Non-Applicator Tampons:
  • The soft cover and rounded tip means they're easy to insert
  • Because there's no applicator, there's less to dispose of
  • Range of pack sizes from 10s to 64s



Your choice of sanitary protection should suit your lifestyle - many women choose tampons because they're discreet and comfortable to use.

• A tampon is a roll of cotton and rayon fibres, which is worn inside the vagina, absorbing the flow internally. They have a cord running through them, so that the tampon can easily be removed when you need to change it. The muscles of your vagina hold the tampon in place, so don't worry about it falling out, and if inserted properly you can't feel it at all.

• Tampons are available with or without an applicator:

- A non-applicator tampon is wrapped in a clear material, which needs to be removed first. Then you simply insert the tampon with your finger, which helps you to position it correctly.
- An applicator tampon is fundamentally the same as a non-applicator tampon, but appears bigger because it is inside a cardboard tube. This tube is designed to help you insert the tampon, but be careful to dispose of it afterwards.

• See the leaflet inside packs for advice on how to insert both types of tampon.

• Tampons are available in a range of different absorbencies because your flow can change over the course of your period.

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