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Lil-Lets Teens Ultra Towels - Day - Pack of 14

  • Keep you feeling fresh all day
  • Lillets Teens Ultra Towels Day
  • Shorter, narrower and more absorbent than the leading adult towel, our teens towels not only fit better and are more discreet; they won’t let you down either
  • With this in mind, Lil-Lets have designed a unique new product just for girls. Our teens ultra towels have been specially designed to fit younger bodies
  • When you’re starting your periods, it can be a bit of a daunting time


Product Description

  • So our towels come in a pretty drawstring bag with cute ribbons
  • We’ve given the packaging a little bit of extra thought too
  • Available in day and night variants to provide superior protection around the clock, our new teens towels are a perfect example of how little things can make a big difference
  • And because nobody likes to shout about their periods, each towel is wrapped in its own pretty whisper wrapper®
  • They also have a removable band, so no-one needs to know what’s inside once the pack is opened


At Lil-Lets, we’re passionate about providing the very best sanitary protection to all women, everywhere. And we’re the only brand in the UK to offer a product for all of your feminine hygiene needs. So whether you prefer applicator or non-applicator tampons, or choose towels over tampons, whatever life stage you’re at you’ll find something that’s exactly right for you.

Across the range, the Lil-Lets team of girls have made it a priority to make sure all our products are the best that women can buy. So we’ve been very busy making all kinds of improvements, talking and listening to women to find out what they really want. It’s the reason why we’re the brand trusted by millions of women all over the world.

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