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Lima Shiro Miso - 300g

  • Organic rice and soybean paste - Produced using short-term, natural fermentation
  • Lima Shiro Miso 300g
  • Miso is used like a stock cube in all kinds of dishes to enhance their taste : in soups, sauces, bread spreads, vegetable dishes, vinaigrettes, etc.


Product Description

  • The Lima misos are produced according to traditional methods
  • It is sufficient to mix a small quantity in a little water in order to facilitate its use.

    To what do the Lima misos owe their high quality : - the superior quality of the ingredients - the preparation method
  • The ingredients are left to ferment in wooden barrels, generally for a period between 18 and 24 months
  • - The Lima misos can be kept a very long time, exclusively thanks to the lactic acid produced by the long fermentation process without any artificial additives
  • - The gustative aspect of the different varieties of miso offered by Lima, each of which has a different taste, colour and aroma - The nutritional value : the high-quality miso is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins B and does not contain any cholesterol.
  • A long fermentation with transforms the soy (and the grains, if any) into amino acids, fatty acids and easily digestible carbohydrates


Rice*, Soybeans*, Water, Seasalt, Koji (Aspergillus oryzae)
* biological cultivation


Lima has committed itself to promoting a balanced and vegetarian diet for more than 50 years.
From the traditional Japanese products to the cooked dishes adapted to the demands of modern life, Lima encourages the consumption of healthy food, selected for the complementarity of its ingredients; our products are not only organic, they have always met the precise nutritional requirements embodied in our “Nutritional Guide”.
Lima guarantees compliance with the most demanding standards regarding quality and sustainability thanks to the vigilance of its integrated laboratory Lima Expert.
Lima products are developed with care and with respect for nature and the environment. People have their own needs and through the taste, quality and diversity of our product, we contributed to their equilibrium and their well-being.

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