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Lima Tamari Strong Soya Sauce - 1000ml

  • Sauce made with naturally fermented soya
  • They are suitable for western as well as oriental dishes.
  • Shoyu and Tamari are taste enhancers, healthy and liquid versions of stock cubes
  • Lima Tamari 1000ml


Product Description

  • Thanks to its higher protein content, the concentrated taste of Tamari resists heat better
  • During this fermentation process, a mycelium is formed, thanks to which enzymes develop, and the cubes are covered with a birght yellow down
  • Traditionally, Tamari is used to enhance the taste of stews, pasta, soups, fried vegetables, salad dressings, marinades or wok preparations..
  • Tamari is especially suitable for use in combination with vinegar or rice wine, ginger, garlic, mustard, pepper or ume su (Japanese vinegar).

    The nutritional advantages of fermentation During the long fermentation process, natural enzymes transform the starch, the proteins and the fast of raw soya (and of wheat in case of Shoyu) into nutrients that are easily assimilated by the organism, as they are predigested : amino acids, poly-unsaturated acids, slow carbohydrates..
  • the moromi matures during 6 months under controlled conditions 8
  • Moreover, it makes the ingredients to which it is combined more tender
  • Entire soya beans are steamed after soaking 2
  • This mixture of enzymes and grains is called koji 6
  • The mature koji is mixed with water and sea salt; this paste, called moromi, is stored in large fermentation tanks 7
  • The fermentation generates the development of a lactic acid that is beneficial to the intestinal flora and the efficient assimilation of nutrients Sea salt supplies minerals and trace elements By using Lima sauces instead of salt, you reduce the salt content of your dishes and enhance their natural taste Production methods : 1
  • In case of Shoyu, wholegrain wheat is roasted and crumbled, then added to the soya beans 3
  • Once fermented, the moromi is wrapped in cloth and pressed until the soya sauce is obtained 9
  • In the finished product nutrients are replaced.
  • The grains and/or beans are shaped into small cubes and sprinkled with Aspergillus oryzae, a mould that produces enzymes 4
  • The Tamari and Shoyu thus obtained are filtered a second time, then slightly pasteurised and bottled This is a traditional method, as opposed to industrial production, for which soya flour that has been defatted (by means of solvents) and that is non-organic and often even genetically engineered is used
  • The cubes are placed in a “muro” during 2 days
  • This is an incubator in which the temperature and humidity are controlled 5
  • Do not simply use them to salt, but also to intensify the natural taste of ingredients during cooking and at the table
  • This process does not involve fermentation but hydrolysis on the basis of acids and only takes a few hours


Water, Soybeans*, Seasalt, Koji (Aspergillus oryzae)
* biological cultivation


Lima has committed itself to promoting a balanced and vegetarian diet for more than 50 years.
From the traditional Japanese products to the cooked dishes adapted to the demands of modern life, Lima encourages the consumption of healthy food, selected for the complementarity of its ingredients; our products are not only organic, they have always met the precise nutritional requirements embodied in our “Nutritional Guide”.
Lima guarantees compliance with the most demanding standards regarding quality and sustainability thanks to the vigilance of its integrated laboratory Lima Expert.
Lima products are developed with care and with respect for nature and the environment. People have their own needs and through the taste, quality and diversity of our product, we contributed to their equilibrium and their well-being.

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