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Lima Yannoh Filter Original - 500g

  • Lima Yannoh 500gr
  • Hot drink made with roasted cereals
  • The original Yannoh filter is prepared in exactly the same manner as coffee
  • It can be drunk as such or combined with another drink (soya milk or Rice drink)


Product Description

  • Yannoh is an alternative to coffee with a very different flavor
  • It is a delicious drink without caffeine, made ??from roasted grains (barley, rye and wheat) and chicory
  • A delicous warm drink for any time of the day
  • Packaging : 500 g
  • Biological product label : 100%
  • Roasting of grains Grains are roasted according to a process that is different than that for coffee beans
  • Grains are roasted at a lower temperature and during a longer period of time
  • This process, which makes use of hot air and during which the temperature in the core of the product does not exceed 80°C, is not as aggressive and limits the formation of residual matter, polymers produced during the roasting process
  • That is why coffee substitutes are more easily tolerated by the stomach
  • After the roasting process, the ingredients are simply ground to obtain a coffee substitute


BARLEY* Roasted, Roasted RYE*, Roasted WHEAT*, Chicory*, Roasted Chick peas* *organically grown

Nutrition Information

Energy (kJ) 1634 Energy (kcal) 385 FATS 2.40 > of which satures 0.00 > monounsaturated 0.00 > polyunsaturated 0.00 CARBOHYDRATES 79.40 > of which sugars 0.00 FIBRE 0.00 PROTEIN 11.50 SALT 0.00 Nutritional values as a % % Energie PROTEIN 11.94 CARBOHYDRATES 82.45 FATS 5.61 FIBRE 0.00


Lima has committed itself to promoting a balanced and vegetarian diet for more than 50 years. From the traditional Japanese products to the cooked dishes adapted to the demands of modern life, Lima encourages the consumption of healthy food, selected for the complementarity of its ingredients; our products are not only organic, they have always met the precise nutritional requirements embodied in our “Nutritional Guide”. Lima guarantees compliance with the most demanding standards regarding quality and sustainability thanks to the vigilance of its integrated laboratory Lima Expert. Lima products are developed with care and with respect for nature and the environment. People have their own needs and through the taste, quality and diversity of our product, we contributed to their equilibrium and their well-being.

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