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Linusit Organic Sprouted Flax Powder (Linusprout) - 250g

  • High in fibre.
  • Is gluten, lactose and cholesterol free.
  • Excellent source of Omega-3 (ALA) essential fatty acids.
  • Contains no additives or preservatives, non-GMO
  • Contains active enzymes for better absorption, 200-600% higher than that found in raw flaxseed.

Product Description

LinuSprout Organic Sprouted Flax Powder is a rich source of essential fatty acids, active enzymes and fibre. LinuSprout Organic Sprouted Flax Powder is unlike any flax product available on the market today. Using a unique patented process the flax is grown just long enough to release the natural nutritional components that lie dormant in the seed. It is then dried and powdered using an exclusive system. All of the health benefits are not only preserved, but are actually increased! - Contains no additives or preservatives - Gluten, lactose and cholesterol free - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans - High content of Omega-3 essential fatty acids - Contains active enzymes for better digestion & nutrient absorption - High in lignans, vitamins and minerals in colloid form (plant derived minerals, easily absorbed by cells) - Excellent source of iron and iodine - Improved ratio of soluble to insoluble fibre - Contains the eight essential amino acids LinuSprout Organic Sprouted Flax Powder...the most bioavailable form of flax available


100% sprouted golden flaxseed

Nutrition Information

Nutritional Value Energy (kJ) 2300 Energy (kcal) 550 Protein 25.00 Carbohydrates 37.00 of which sugars 0.00 of which starch 0.00 of which lactose 0.00 Fat 38.00 of which saturates 3.00 mono-unsaturates 6.00 poly-unsaturates 29.00 of which Cholesterol 0.00 Alpha Linolenic (omega 3) 24.00 Linolenic (omega 6) 5.00 Gamma Linolenic (omega 6) 0.00 Fibre 21.00 Calcium 0.00 Sodium 0.05 Vitamins & Minerals Vitamin B1 - 0.44mg, Vitamin B2 - 0.39mg, Vitamin B3 - 3.79mg, Vitamin C - 23.7mg, Vitamin E - 4.69mg, Iron - 6.73mg Dairy Free YES Gluten Free YES Nut Free YES Wheat Free YES Vegan YES Organic YES Pack Size 250g


Take one heaped tablespoon (approx. 10g) of flax powder each day. Flax powder can be taken with breakfast cereal, yoghurt, fruit juices or sprinkled over salads, soups and vegetables or added to your favourite bread or cake recipe. It is important that flax powder be taken with sufficient liquid - at least ¼ pint (150ml) to each tablespoon of powder.


Public demand has indicated a powerful trend towards GMO-free, organically produced food products, and it is in this direction that the Company continues to focus its attention, whilst maintaining all of its links to its traditional vegetarian and vegan customers. Founded by Nigel Phillips in 1991, granoVita UK brings a high-quality selection of healthy, nutritious vegetarian foods to the UK and other European markets. Sales are based on the extensive granoVita range manufactured by De-Vau-Ge Gesundkostwerk GmbH at Lüneburg, Germany, with the addition of foods produced specifically for granoVita UK.

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