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Linwoods Sun Dried Goji Berries - 250g

  • Goji Berries are a rich source of protein and include all eight essential amino acids that can only be obtained through the diet.


Product Description

  • The soil here is ideal for growing Goji Berries as the Yellow River (Huang He) flows down from the Himalayas through this region and deposits rich minerals in the soil as it goes
  • Linwoods Goji berries – or wolf berries – come from the North West Chinese province of Ningxia, otherwise known as China’s Herbal Medicine Valley
  • These small, raisin-like berries are a high anti-oxidant and bursting with Vitamin A and C
  • Together these vitamins and minerals are essential for the maintenance of normal body functions, sustained energy and good health.

    Goji berries are a national treasure in China and with one of the longest living populations in the world, you can see why!
  • The alkaline soil, unpredictable precipitation and extreme temperature range of this climate ensure that Linwoods Goji Berries are packed with energy rich vitamins and minerals.

    Goji Berries contain eight essential amino acids which can only be obtained from our food
  • A daily serving of 30g of goji berries provides 16% RDA of Iron
  • The result is super fertile flood plains that are found nowhere else in the world
  • These amino-acids are central building blocks of protein and important for the growth and repair of muscles, bones and skin and rejuvenation of new cells

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