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Liqua Care Therapeutic Liquid Insoles

Product Description

Liqua Care Therapeutic Insoles

Tired, aching feet? Exposed to prolonged walking or standing? Liqua Care is your simple, but highly effective solution!

Walking on Liqua Care guarantees a more dispersed pressure distribution of body weight on the feet, while the precisely-measured flowing liquid simultaneously provides a permanent massage of the foot muscles. Your way of walking or standing will become much more flexible and soft, improving the venous pump function.

Liqua Care thereby provides not only an outstanding comfort, but also an effective relief of sore, swollen and "tired" feet.

Recent medical trials have shown that Liqua Care would be an effective intervention for patients at risk of foot ulceration, such as diabetics.
The trial showed that when using these insoles an increase in tissue oxygenation was observed (around 5% after 2 weeks) and peak forefoot pressure was reduced by 21.5%.

Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device

Product features:

- Disperse & re-distribute pressure
- Fabric top cover for added comfort
- Fit most types of shoes
- Cut to size with pair of scissors
- Extremely durable
- Slim fitting - fit all shoe types

To be used for:
Fatigued Feet
Swollen Feet
Cold Feet
Arthritis in feet and lower legs
Some types of back pain
Some types of heel and arch pain
Some types of achilles tendon soreness
Oedema and varicose veins
Forefoot pain
Diabetic Foot

Available sizes:

243568     Liqua Care FlowGel-Insoles - Size 35-36 (UK male 3-4, UK female 2.5-3.5)
243717     Liqua Care FlowGel-Insoles - Size 37-38 (UK male 4.5-5.5, UK female 4-5)
243808     Liqua Care FlowGel-Insoles - Size 39-40 (UK male 6-7, UK female 6-6.5)
243824     Liqua Care FlowGel-Insoles - Size 41-42 (UK male 7.5-8, UK female 7-7.5)
243832     Liqua Care FlowGel-Insoles - Size 43-44 (UK male 8.5-10 , UK female 8-9.5)
243840     Liqua Care FlowGel-Insoles - Size 45-46 (UK male 11+, UK female 10+)

It is recommended to wear the insoles according to a 14-day adaptation period, gradually increasing the time worn to allow you to get used to the new sensations.

Can the insoles be cut or trimmed?
Yes, they can be cut but only within the printed lines at the forefoot region, not in the area of fluid flow.

Can they be washed?
They can be hand or machine washed up to 60C.

Can they be worn for activities such as jogging?
Yes, they can but we recommend you wear them for walking/standing for 14 days first to get used to the insoles.

If the insoles leaks, can it do any harm?
No, the liquid is non-toxic and can be cleaned off.
The insole has a 12 month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

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