ELGS12076 Unbranded

Liquid Calcified Seaweed Plant Stimulant - 10 Litres

  • We all know the benefits and uses of the magnificent standard calcified seaweed this is now available in a liquid form in which the plants can take up and get the benefits from instantly
  • Liquid calcified seaweed can be used on all crops to improve health vitality and yield as a liquid root and soil feed Truly magnificent results!!! APPLICATION RATES:5ml/tspn per 1.5ltrs for medium strength mixVary litreage of water to weaken or strengthen mixAll application rates supplied are general guidelines only
  • For newly planted and/or delicate plants, the lower or weaker mix is advised until well established
  • Responsibility for soil/enviromental conditions, individual mixes and results is that of the end user.
  • 10lt Liquid Calcified Seaweed / Plant Stimulant / Fertilizer Bulk Buy!!! Calcified seaweed is now produced in a liquid form
  • Also contains Mgo, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu and B Also contains over 30 other trace elements, vitamins and minerals
  • Contains 10% Calcium, 2% nitrogen, 1% Phosphate and 2% potash


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