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Little Dumpling Ladies

  • This booklet introduces a group of irresistible characters - five of the village ladies.Lady Letitia of Little Dumpling Manor is affectionately known in the village as Lady Tish
  • Lady Letitia is a great patron of the Arts and many of Daphne's painting can be seen on the wall of the Manor.Later, Daphne and Lady Tish enjoy a visit to Miss Muffin's Tea Shoppe for afternoon tea
  • And it is no surprise Rascal cannot resist Miss Muffin's scrumptious jam tarts.Each Little Dumpling doll is free standing and measures 17cm (6.75") in height
  • Her helper in the Manor is Mrs Mopitup, who really enjoys keeping the dust and cobwebs at bay
  • Unfortunately the church roof is still leaking.After shopping Lady Tish and Rascal call at Daphne Dabble's quaint old cottage by the duck pond
  • Daphne is the local artist, well known for her day light rural paintings of Little Dumpling Village
  • Only small oddments of yarn are required for these easy-to-make characters and full instructions are given for all the miniature accessories appropriate for each doll
  • First stop is Winifred's Wool Shop where Rascal wags his tail at the thought of unravelling all those colourful balls of wool
  • In the Little Dumpling Dolls Pattern Booklet, Jean Greenhowe has produced a unique and fascinating new craft which transforms garter stitch strips into exciting creations.In the village of Little Dumpling live lots and lots of busy little people
  • Kind hearted Winifred sets aside a ball especially for Rascal while she and Lady Tish discuss the next fund raising fÊte
  • Miss Muffin is famous for her delicious home baked cakes and pastries and the welcoming atmosphere of her cosy shop
  • Mrs Mopitup's pride and joy is the collection of suits of armour which are much admired by the visiting tourists.When Lady Tish goes shopping she takes along Rascal, her mischievous little dog



Domestic Use Only. Not suitable for Children Under 36 Months.


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  • 6 Designs
  • Lady Letitia
  • Mrs Mopitup
  • Rascal
  • Winifred's Wool Shop
  • Daphne Dabble
  • Mrs Muffin's Tea Shoppe

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