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Little People Giant Playing Cards - Game - Fisher Price

  • Little People Giant Playing Cards - Game - Fisher Price.


Product Description

  • Each card illustrates a character from the show, along with their name
  • Giant Snap is a traditional game where players turn over a card and place it in the middle, if the card someone else turns over matches the previous then you shout 'snap' and take the pile of cards
  • Lose the Sheep is a game where you remove 3 of the 4 Sheep cards from the pack
  • Whoever has the most completed families at the end wins
  • Giant Happy Families sees players looking to have the complete 'family' of the same card, each player nominates what 'families' they want to match and then ask their opponents for their choice of card
  • The winner is the player with the most pairs when all the cards have been picked
  • The cards are brightly coloured to make playing games with the giant cards fun for children.
    There are four different games that children can play using the giant picture playing cards; Matching Pairs is a game where players take it in turns to pick pairs of card that are lying face down, if you match a pair then you keep those and pick again
  • The idea is to collect all the pairs you can until there is only one card left, this card should be the Sheep card
  • The player left with this card loses the game.
    The Fisher-Price Little People Giant Playing Cards are suitable for 2 – 4 players and children aged 3 and above.
  • The winner is the person who still has cards left when the other players have used all of theirs
  • Little People Giant Playing Cards - Game - Fisher Price.
    There are 36 Fisher-Price Little People giant picture playing cards which feature all your favourite Fisher-Price Little People
  • Players remove all their pairs and then plays with the remaining cards


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