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Local Honey Man 100% Pure Raw Borage Honey - 255g

  • Our Borage honey is delicious and distinctive
  • It is a beautiful light in colour nectar brought to us by bees that snack on British starflowers
  • Local Honey Man 100% Pure Raw Borage Honey
  • It has subtle flavours and is mouth-wateringly smooth


Product Description

  • It is a plant that the bees and our bodies love
  • It is a self-seeding bloom that keeps on giving back to the bees and our own appetites for natural goodness
  • The honey made from the borage plant can be rich in vitamins that have many nutritional benefits, some of which are outlined here
  • In the words of herbalist John Gerard “The leaves eaten raw ingender good bloud, especially in those that have been lately sicke."

    Honeybee on Borage flower
    Honey Bee feeding on nectar of the Borage flower
    Traditionally, the Borage plant has been used for medicinal remedies practiced in naturopathy
  • So if you’d like to join us in this mission try a jar for yourself, you won’t regret it
  • Buy now to experience this delightful Raw Local Borage Honey

    We do not pasteurise or fine filter our honey so you may find slight traces of pollen and a high level of anti-bacterial properties All Raw Honey that is sold by the Local Honey Man, comes from 100% British Honey Beehives!
  • Borage honey is therefore a pure raw honey created from bees that pollinate with this blue super flower
  • They are believed to strengthen or alleviate certain ailments like the ones presented here
  • Borage oil is also thought to be a good choice for many physical disorders that are mentioned here
  • We think our raw local honey is great, but click here to find out what our amazing local honey lovers think too.

    We do not pasteurise or fine filter our honey so you may find slight traces of pollen which according to Food matters is a superfood that is richer in proteins than any other animal source.

    All of our Raw Honey comes from 100% British Honey Beehives located throughout London & Essex
  • In medieval times, Borage was supposedly infused in the drinks of Crusaders to increase their courage, so a teaspoon of this in your morning tea may do wonders for you.

    Borage is a herbal flower
  • We love to support our amazing British beekeepers in the effort to save the honeybee

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Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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