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Lombardia Coconut Vibrations Sachets - 4 x 30g

  • Coconut Vibrations
  • A healthy mix of organic pineapple and wild coconut
  • We are wildly enthusiastic to introduce this new all-round flavour sensation to you.
  • Lombardia Coconut Vibrations Sachets


Product Description

  • Feel the strong emotions of Coconut Vibrations
  • Mighty tropical accents of organic pineapple and wild coconut lure you in to a sweet dream state, a relaxing impression that is both dreamy and provocative
  • We can say with certitude that pineapples are amongst the healthiest fruit varieties
  • A superb feast that evokes the holiday spirit and enchants your world with its powerful flavour
  • A sultry challenge.

    Coconut Vibrations is sold in a retail box with 7 sachets
  • It consists of 90% saturated fats that creates huge, healthy boost to the immune system
  • It contains unique elements like bromelain, which helps digest proteins; and betacaretine, a component which can also be found in carrots and which is good for the eyes.

    Along with its partner in crime, the pineapple, the coconut probably is the ultimate tropical fruit that really gives you that island feel
  • Read more about the power of these magical fruits.


    What do we know about pineapples? It is a fruit with a rough exterior shell but a heart of pure gold
  • A true sense of Luau
  • Coconut stabilises blood sugars and even prevents fluctuation levels
  • These tropical fruits are hyper refreshing and will infuse you with a dose of antioxidants to boost your immune system to the max! This tea and fruit fusion offers a powerful taste and rattles all senses in a valley of refreshing flavours
  • Better yet, coconuts are one of the best known super foods
  • You can find our Lombardia Hot Drinks in organic and specialty food stores.

    Coconut Vibrations
    Lombardia is releasing a new, powerful fruit bomb of vitamins and antioxidants on humanity: the fruity aromas of juicy organic pineapple, combined with the nectar of wild coconut
  • Imagine yourself on a desolate island
  • The fruit has a multifunctional character which enables to activate all kinds of immune systems
  • Further more, coconuts is great to assist your digestion and have numerous other advantages which makes this fruit unique.
  • Its tropical character guarantees a tasty snack but also fills it with many vitamins and minerals

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