LOHD10000 Lombardia

Lombardia Gingerlove Sachets - 4 x 30g

  • GingerLove is a divine mixture of citrus fruits, ginger and herbs
  • Lombardia Gingerlove Sachets
  • It was the first creation in the range of Hot Drinks that Lombardia has released.


Product Description

  • On a hot summer’s day, it is also very yummy with ice-cold water and crushed ice.

    You can enjoy a cup of GingerLove at every time of day
  • Originally invented as a caffeine-free hot drink, with a delicious frothy topping
  • The root has been actively grown in China for over 3000 years and it offers an array of healing powers.
  • You can find our Lombardia Hot Drinks in organic and specialty food stores
  • A great source of vitamins and loads of health benefits.

    First of all, ginger is very tasty
  • The sharp flavour is a treat for all that like good food
  • It works well as an aperitif or digestif and provides a healthy natural high.

    GingerLove is sold in a retail box with 7 sachets
  • The orange needs no introduction.

    We all drink orange juice because it tastes great and we love what it does for us

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Expected Despatch By 01/11/2016

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