LOHD10001 Lombardia

Lombardia Greenlove Sachets - 4 x 30g

  • Are you ready for a new revolution in the ‘hot drink’ landscape?! After the success of GingerLove, there is another new, sensational flavour that will once again open new doors to completely different and unique taste palates.
  • Lombardia Greenlove Sachets


Product Description

  • A healthy mix of organic apples and Japanes matcha tea – 100% natural
  • We dare you to surprise us with you cup of green art.
  • GreenLove is 100% natural and made in Belgium!

    What do we know about matcha? It is not well known by the lager public but the recent growth in interest clearly demonstrates the advantages of this Japanese green tea
  • Velvety and fresh, a text-book recipe of the Lombardia family in all its glory
  • It contains high levels of iron and an extremely large amount of antioxidants which are good for everyone
  • Matcha’s typical green colour is calming and oozes well-being
  • Just like its predecessor, GingerLove, this new hot drink has a firm and almost trademark frothy topping
  • It is a powerful, natural detox and energy booster that helps you burn calories
  • We are wildly enthusiastic to introduce this new all-round flavour sensation to you.

    The contents: a fruity, healthy and organic flavour bomb, supplemented by nature’s most natural green tea: matcha
  • Experience a fresh breeze, an energetic gust the envigorates the senses for young and old
  • It is being released by Lombardia, the Antwerp based restaurant Lombardia which has proven itself to be a most innovating outsider in the market of tea.

    We proudly present: GreenLove
  • An authentic tribute to the ingredients.

    GreenLove is sold in a retail box with 7 sachets
  • In Japan, matcha is a growing succes on the international market, thanks to the various applications for the tea and its health benefits
  • It is by no means a medicine but a green, natural player, brim-full of active bacterial repellents
  • You can find our Lombardia Hot Drinks in organic and specialty food stores.
    In combining organic apple juice with the finest organic matcha (green tea), Lombardia is releasing another powerful fruit bomb of vitamins and antioxidants on humanity.

    The power of matcha has know a steady growth and is quite the exception in the world of hot drinks.

    This tea and fruit fusion offers a powerful taste and rattles all senses in a valley of refreshing flavours
  • A pleasure for any stomach.

    Matcha Latte
    Have you already heard about latte art? And even if that’s no news to you, did you know about matcha-latte art? This type of barista art is quite the buzz in the current coffee world that replaces traditional espresso with a combination of coffee and elegant frothy milk foam toppings
  • Our vegan GreenLove allows you to do exactly the same
  • In our version we work with rice milk

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Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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