STAM10540 Louis Marcel

Louis Marcel Face & Bikini Hair Removal Cream - 75ml

  • Extra gentle.
  • Louis Marcel hair remover cream Face & Bikini


Product Description

  • The natural ingredient Camomile is known for its anti-irritation properties.
  • Louis Marcel Gentle Hair Removal Cream with camomile and delicate scent of apricot oil removes unwanted hair gently from sensitive areas such as face, bikini line and underarms - leaving skin soft and smooth


Before using for the first time, we recommend testing on a small area of skin. Providing there has been no reaction after 24 hours, continue with treatment. All hair removing preparations should be treated with care. The product should not be used by the elderly, diabetics, on loose skinned areas or young sensitive skin. It should not be used immediately after a hot bath or shower, when the skin is more likely to be sensitive. Do not use on broken, sunburnt, cut or irritated skin or on varicose veins, moles, warts or if you have a history of eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. Avoid exposing treated area to sunlight for 24 hour. Follow Directions closely.
Contains Thioglycolate.
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Contains Alkali.


Apply a thick layer of cream to the area you want to treat. Make sure that all hair is properly covered. DO NOT RUB! Leave the cream on for 5 minutes. Use the spatula provided to remove a little of the cream to test if the hair has been removed. If not, reapply and leave for a further 3-4 minutes. Time depends on hair thickness. Do not leave longer than 15 minutes. Remove the cream by rinsing with lukewarm water and then dry the treated area properly...without rubbing.

Manufactured by

GlaxoSmithKline Nutritional Healthcare










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