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LOYB10003 Love Your Blender

Love Your Blender Spicy Cacao - 29g

by Love Your Blender
  • Love Your Blender Spicy Cacao. We just had to have a chocolatey mix in Love Your Blender’s launch range, but as with all our blends, wanted to offer something intense and a little different.
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Product Description

  • We’ve added ginger and chilli to cacao nibs for a grown-up kick of flavour, along with pecan nuts and pumpkin seeds for a delicious boost of healthy fats and protein and palmyra jaggery for a hint of sweetness. This is one for when you crave intense taste with ingredients to really rev up your engines! Those who like this blend, LOVE it: blended into smoothies, coffee, raw fudge, porridge, in brownies, in yoghurt… or even just straight out the bag.


  • Pumpkin seeds, Cacao nibs (27%),Pecans, Palmyra Jaggery, Cacao powder (5%), Ginger root, Chilli flakes.

    Cacao Nibs (organic)
    Raw unrefined pieces of pure cacao beans, cacao nibs are bursting with brain-and-body boosting substances. We’ve all heard that chocolate can induce release of the same brain endorphins as being in love; and raw cacao beans are the purest source. They are also high on the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scale – the measure of how packed a food is with antioxidants which absorb free radicals that cause cell and tissue damage. We love when a food both does you good, and makes you feel good.

    Ginger root (organic)
    Whole dried pieces of ginger root, added to your blender, give a similar intensity of flavour to fresh ginger. We’ve tried to balance this with the chilli heat to give a rounded, spicy kick to this smoothie. Traditionally ginger is used medicinally as an anti-nausea, digestive tonic, but we just love the taste.

    Chili Flakes
    We played with the amount of chilli in Spicy Cacao for ages till we found the ‘definitely there, but not overpowering’ amount. There are only a few tiny flakes in your sachet, but the dried whole fruit is so much more powerful in flavour than its powdered variety, that’s all that’s needed. Health benefits of chilli are said to be raised metabolism (leading to weight loss), plus anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. We’ll drink to that!

    Cacao powder (organic)
    Our cacao powder is simply finely-milled raw cacao nibs. Why include it, when we have whole nibs in the blend? We wanted Spicy Cacao to have rich chocolate tones within its flavours, and some lesser-powered blenders have trouble blending up the whole nibs enough to give this result. So we added some powder in too, so that everyone could get that chocolately hit, Vitamix or not.

    Pumpkin Seeds (organic)
    We hadn’t realised quite how amazing pumpkin seeds are nutritionally until we started research on the ingredients for Love Your Blender’s products. Now we use them everywhere – in our smoothies, on salads, on soups, in curries… Their protein levels are even higher than most other seeds, and the amount in Spicy Cacao provides a quarter of your recommended daily allowance of magnesium, vitally important in hundreds of the body’s physiological functions. They are also high in zinc, crucial for so many elements of health including sleep, mood, and senses of taste and smell (all the better to enjoy your smoothies with!).

    Pecan Nuts (organic)
    Pecans feel like a decadent dessert nut to us, thanks to a childhood spiked with pecan pie. For Spicy Cacao, we needed a sharper nut taste than cashews would have given, but without the bitterness walnuts can bring. Pecans were the perfect choice. Nutritionally, they are rich in oleic acid, the healthy fat also found in avocados and olives, and in plant sterols, which are believed to help lower cholesterol.

    Palmyra Jaggery (organic)
    Palmyra Jaggery is a saint among sweeteners. This unrefined sugar from the Palmyra palm tastes caramel-y and rich, and contains vitamins and minerals including vitamin B 12, which is otherwise hard to find in a plant source. It has a lower GI and fewer calories than sugar, giving a sweet taste without generating such an insulin spike.


  • Allergens: pecans. Vegan friendly. Gluten free.

Nutrition Information

  • Per sachet: Energy 662kJ / 158kcal, Fat 14g (of which saturates 3.5g), Carbohydrates 8.2g (of which sugars 2g), Fibre 4.3g, Protein 4.8g, Salt trace.
    Per 100g: Energy 2230kJ / 533kcal, Fat 47.1g (of which saturates 11.7g), Carbohydrates 27.6g (of which sugars 6.6g), Fibre 14.4g, Protein 16.1g, Salt trace.


    Energy 1159 kJ / 277kcal, Fat 16.3g (of which saturates 3.8g), Carbohydrates 31g (of which sugars 12.2g), Fibre 7.3g, Protein 4.9g, Salt trace.

    Please note – precise nutritional quantities will depend partly on the size of fruit/veg you use and brand of milk.


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