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Love Your Blender Sweet Lucuma - 42g

by Love Your Blender
  • Love Your Blender Sweet Lucuma. “A gorgeous, creamy, caramelly delight!” “So delicious I shall fantasise about it for weeks…” It’s not just us who risk getting addicted to this decadent blend.
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Product Description

  • We go weak at the knees at the thought of sipping a smoothie, devouring a bowl of porridge or licking a lolly made with this rich, smooth concoction. The sweet flavour trinity is organic lucuma, carob and mulberries, but it’s not just your tastebuds getting a treat – hemp seeds, flaxseeds and pecans add fibre, good fats and proteins.


  • Flaxseeds, Pecans, dried Mulberries, Hemp seeds, Lucuma powder (11%), Carob powder, Vanilla pod.

    Lucuma (organic – powder)
    The flesh of this Peruvian fruit is a healthily low-glycaemic-index treat. It adds a sweet caramel taste to desserts and smoothies, while providing nutrients you wouldn’t gain from sugar, reported to include iron, zinc, vitamin B3, and calcium. It is also rich in the potent antioxidant beta-carotene.

    Carob (organic – powder)
    We have a special affinity with carob, having spent hot happy days around Ibizan carob groves. The beans are little packages of health-boosting goodness, containing gallic acid – which is analgesic, antibacterial, antioxidant, antiseptic and antiviral. They are also full of phytonutrients and antioxidants, and high in potassium and magnesium.

    Vanilla pod (organic)
    When our first batch of whole Madagascan vanilla pods arrived at Love Your Blender HQ, we felt like we were smelling vanilla for the very first time. Powder or extract just can’t compare to the scent of a whole dark, moist pod. Our vanilla pods are organic and FairTrade. See our Blog post about the farms they come from.

    Mulberries (organic)
    Dried golden mulberries don’t look appetising, until you taste one: a creamy butterscotch flavour, yet packed with fibre and nutrients. They are unusually high in iron and protein, for a fruit, plus rich in calcium and fibre. The caramelly flavour perfectly complements that of lucuma, and adds such sweetness, you’re unlikely to want to add any extra sweetener to your creations.

    Hemp seeds (organic)
    Hemp seeds are almost a complete protein (being only a little low in lysine), super-valuable if you don’t eat animal products; and their balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 oils is regularly declared by nutritionists to be nigh-on perfect for the human body. You can buy ‘hemp hearts’ or ‘shelled hemp’ for sale, but we thought, when our high-powered blender allows us to consume the whole seed, cracking the nutrients fresh into your kitchen creations and getting the benefit of the fibre in the outer husk, why not use the whole thing? Don’t be put off if you’ve tried hemp protein powder and disliked the taste – the whole natural seed has a much milder slightly nutty flavour.

    Pecan Nuts (organic)
    Pecans feel like a decadent dessert nut to us, thanks to a childhood spiked with pecan pie. Nutritionally, they are rich in oleic acid, the healthy fat also found in avocados and olives, and in plant sterols, which are believed to help lower cholesterol.

    Flaxseeds (organic)
    Back in our BB (Before Blender) life, we added pre-ground flaxseeds to our cereal from a big bag; till a nutritionist friend informed us that all those good healthy fats we thought we were eating had probably gone rancid weeks ago through being exposed to the air. Adding them whole to your high powered blender and eating the results straight away is a much simpler way to ensure you’re getting the benefits from these little nutrition powerhouses, which as well as omega 3 fats include vitamin E, phytoestrogens and B group vitamins.


  • Allergens: pecans. Vegan friendly. Gluten free.

Nutrition Information

  • Per sachet: Energy 724kJ / 206kcal, Fat 12.8g (of which saturates 1.2g), Carbohydrates 15.9g (of which sugars 5.2g), Fibre 7.9g, Protein 5.5g, Salt trace.
    Per 100g:Energy 1704kJ / 485kcal, Fat 30.2g (of which saturates 2.9g), Carbohydrates 37.4g (of which sugars 12.2g), Fibre 18.6g, Protein 12.9g, Salt trace.


    Energy 1427 kJ / 341 kcal, Fat 16.2g (of which saturates 1.6g), Carbohydrates 38.9g (of which sugars 17.5g), Fibre 10.9g, Protein 5.9g, Salt trace.

    Please note – precise nutritional quantities will depend partly on the size of fruit/veg you use and brand of milk.


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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.