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MacScarecrow Clan Knitting & Crochet Patterns

  • In the village of Little Dumpling live lots and lots of busy little people. This MacScarecrow Clan Pattern booklet introduces a group of irresistible characters - seven of the Scottish Scarecrow Family.Welcome to Glen Sunnybogle, Highland home of the Clan MacScarecrow, Scottish branch of the Scarecrow Family.Scotty is keeper of the wild haggis - the cheeky little beasties who roam the hills of Glen Sunnybogle. His wife Morag is an expert knitter of the MacScarecrow tartan. They have two children, Wee Sproot and Baby Bonnie and a little dog called Scamp.The oldest member of the family is Great Uncle Angus, bagpipe-playing Laird of ancient Bogle Castle. And last but not least, there is Big Bobby - the lovable green monster of Ben Bogle mountain!The adult dolls measure about 34cm (13½in) in height, while Wee Sproot is a wee 24cm (9½in). Big Bobby is 38cm (15in) high.Knitters will be intrigued to find that Uncle Angus ' Bagpipe is a perfect tiny replica of the real instrument, complete in every detail. You may imagine the kilts with all the checks would be tricky to produce on so small a scale. Not so. The horizontal stripes are knitted-in on the front pieces and the vertical stripes are worked in Swiss darning. Precise instructions and a photograph show just how simple this is. Jean has also devised a superb method for working the back pleats, based upon a simple rib pattern.Also for Scamp, Jean designed the body and legs in just one piece of knitting, no separate gusset for the underbody and the sewing up couldn't be easier.


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