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Make Up Airbrush Set Airbrush Compressor Set 0.3mm Airbrush

  • Airbrush Compressor Set
  • Air compressor will automatic turn on again at 40psi
  • If your address is in 220V~240V countries like e.g
  • The reduced running time means there will less motor wear and less heat-related moisture enabling a longer compressor life Air-On-Demand : Designed to work only when you do produces full-capacity air on demand Low Noise: Quiet operation only 53 db
  • 2-1/4oz.) angled fluid cup Can be connected with the above air compressor for airbrushing Great for nail arts fine arts model painting body painting hobby and crafts car painting photo retouching illustrations textiles and T-shirt painting and uses that require FINE DETAIL SPRAYING and many quick changes of color in small amounts Dual-Action (Double-Action) Trigger Air/Fluid Control - easy convenience to use!! Spray Pattern: Hairline to 1 Wide Package includes a nozzle wrench and 2cc eye dropper (for dropping fluids into the fluid cup) Molded plastic storage case Length: ~14.5cm Since the package is of high value and heavy
  • We will make use of a protective package and choose a safety air mail shipping method
  • Shippment Tracking Number would be provided anytime if you need.
  • Perfect match for airbrush tech use!Package includes: 1 x Air Compressor (220~240V) 1 x Air Hose 1 x 0.3mm Airbrush 1 x nozzle wrench 1 x eye dropper 1 x Airbrush kit storage case 1 x Free Gift - 500pcs of CLEAR False Nails for Sample Try (in 10 sizes)Air compressor: Powerful: At 1/8 Horsepower this unit delivers more air volume (CFM) and air pressure (PSI) than any airbrush demands Portable: Light-weight and compact with a built-in carrying handle for easy handling and storage Automatic On/Off Shut-off: Preset for automatic turn off when air pressure reaches 68psi
  • / Canada / Japan then we will send a 110V~120V standard machine to you Airbrush Kit: Precision Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush with a 0.3mm needle/nozzle which can give accurate spray control With 7cc
  • (appr
  • Include regulator air-intake filter air hose Can connect airbrush or other compatible air tools to the air hose for use Size: ~240mm x 140mm x 180mm (H) Net Weight: ~3.3kg Suitable for salon or home use Voltage: ** 110V~240V ** Can be used in any places around the world
  • U.S
  • United Kingdom / Australia / All European Countries / etc then we will send a 220V~240V standard machine to you If your address is in 110V~120V countries like e.g
  • 220V Air Compressor
  • Airbrush Tools
  • Nail Airbrush Set

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