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Mam Baby Starter Set Mixed Bottles

  • Drastically cut the pain and misery of colic suffered by your baby, with the use of this anti-colic MAM starter set
  • Mam Baby Starter Set Mixed Bottles
  • The 15-piece set contains the components for 8 bottles, in 3 different sizes, that have handles and a spout for when baby is ready to move on to a cup.


Product Description

  • This set also includes a MAM Start soother and sealing discs, to turn smaller bottles into milk storage pots if need be
  • The bottles are self-sterilising and take just 3 minutes in a microwave
  • The MAM anti-colic set is dishwasher proof
  • New self-sterilising feature 3 minutes in the microwave - no need for a steriliser
    Starter Set contains- 2x Anti-Colic 130ml bottles 2x Anti-Colic 160ml bottles 4x Anti-colic 260ml bottles + teats and sealing discs 1x soft spout 1x handle 1x soother
  • Your baby will suffer from 80% less colic due to the ventilation holes in the base, which ensure a smooth milk flow
  • This is beneficial because baby doesn't swallow any air when he/she drinks
  • There are also 4 slow flow patented silk teats, which are silicone with a difference - they're silky soft
  • This makes them ideal for an easy transition between mum and MAM


Breastfeeding is the best and healthiest option for babies!

These days, it is not always possible for a breastfeeding mother to be with her child at all times, in which instance pumped milk or powdered feed is given to baby. Alternating between the breast and the bottle is not easy, as baby “strokes out” milk from the breast, but must “suck out” milk from existing bottles. As a result, babies often have problems drinking properly from the breast, as drinking from the bottle is an easier procedure. However, the new MAM ULTIvent system is as close as possible to the natural mechanisms of breastfeeding.

Air is often taken in through the mouth and nose when baby sucks too strongly or too hard during conventional bottle feeding. This invariably leads to colic. The special shape of the teat encourages a more natural drinking action and enables milk to be “stroked out”.
Breast milk does not contain any air bubbles. On the basis of this fact, we have designed a sensitive smooth flow valve at the base of our ULTIvent bottle system, which guarantees a constant level of pressure inside the bottle.

There is no question that breastfeeding is best for mother and baby – breast milk is full of nutrients and antibodies which are perfect for baby’s wellbeing.

However, if you cannot breastfeed, for whatever reason, the new ULTIvent system gives you peace of mind as it enables you to feed your baby as naturally as possible – especially if you are using pumped breast milk.

The interaction between the new, unique soft teat and the base valve means that the ULTIvent bottle system makes feeding harmonious – designed with your baby’s health in mind.

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