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Mam Style Silk Soothers 6+ Months - Pack of 2

  • The MAM 6+ Silk Soother features both a clear and crystal shield soother with Silk teats
  • Pack of 2 blue Style Soothers designed for 6 months and above
  • Feature MAM's patented silk teat made of extremely soft silicone


Product Description

  • Anatomically correct to allow healthy jaw and teeth development
  • Curved shield for comfort, air holes and inside surface good for the skin
  • Soothers come packed in a fully sterilisable travel case
  • The MAM 6+ Silk Soother features both a clear and crystal shield soother with Silk teats
  • The textured strip on the teat helps to keep the soother in babies mouth as it is not as slippery as normal silicone
  • Two soothers come complete in a hygienic sterilisable carry case
  • Suitable for 6+ months


MAM (UK), the United Kingdom's leading company in the innovation and design of baby products has launched the new MAM SILK RANGE. The new range includes stylish bottles and soothers with co-ordinating motifs and colours. All products feature MAM's new innovative patented Silk teat, which is as soft and silky as Mum's skin. Already a proven winner on MAM's bottles the Silk Teat is now available on soothers. The major benefit of the Silk teat is that the texture of the teat helps to keep the soother in babies mouths as it is less slippery than normal silicone. This is particularly important in light of FSID's new soother advice: "Settling your baby to sleep with a dummy - even for naps - can reduce the risk of cot death. If breastfeeding, do not begin to give a dummy until your baby is one month old to ensure breastfeeding is well-established". The Silk Teat on the bottles not only has a unique shape, but the texture of the teat replicates as far as possible the sensation of soft smooth skin making drinking from the bottle easy for baby. All bottles are made from polypropylene. The new range includes the MAM 270ml Silk Bottle, MAM 330ml Silk Bottle, MAM Tiny Silk Soother, MAM 0+ Silk Soother and MAM 4+ Silk Soother. The designs on the 270ml Silk bottle match those featured on the 0+ Silk Soothers, whilst the designs on the 330ml Silk bottle match those on the 4+ Silk Soothers.


Contented baby, happy parents...... MAM promote and support the healthy development of babies by providing a range of attractive, innovative, well researched products which are developed and manufactured to the highest quality. MAM are committed to designing products to meet the oral care needs of babies from birth to pre-school age. Our new products are developed in co-operation with doctors, health care professionals and experienced parents. Our reward is millions of parents all over the world putting their trust in MAM baby products. The MAM Style Soother supports babies responsibly through every single day. It's always the perfect fit and it helps babies to relax. To meet the highest standards, the soothers are developed in close collaboration with designers and orthodontists. MAM designers have designed soothers in different sizes, ensuring a maximum level of comfort for babies of all ages. Thanks to the smart design, the soother always sits in the mouth perfectly. MAM soothers are anatomically correct to allow healthy jaw and teeth development. A functional design which is easy to use The soother features a curved shield for comfort, and is good for the skin thanks to air holes and the inside surface. The knob on the soother is easy to grab, which means it's never a bother. MAM's patented Silk Teat is made of silicone that feels extremely soft to your baby. Also, thanks to its anti-slip surface, the soother stays in the mouth with no effort at all. The soother sterilisation process The soother sterilisation process. view larger Soother sterilisation in three simple steps Firstly, fill the steriliser box to the indicated level. Then, place the soothers in the box with the teats facing down. Finally, close the box and heat in the microwave for 3 minutes. MAM 6 months + soothers Perfect Soother Style Soothers Yummy Soothers Perfect Soother Style Soother Yummy Soother Soothers included 1 2 2 Includes sterilisable travel case ? ? ? 0 months + colours Blue, Green, Pink Blue, Pink None 6 months + colours Blue, Green, Pink Blue, Pink Blue, Pink

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6 months - 9 months



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