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Maniquick MQ747 Corn and Callus Remover

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  • Maniquick MQ747 Corn and Callus Remover

Product Description

Professional foot care at home
\r\nGently removes corns and calluses
\r\nSmooth and soft skin in a short time
\r\nSimple in application, watertight
\r\nErgonomic handle
\r\nIncludes 2 rollers, fine-grain and coarse-grain
\r\n2 years warranty
\r\nSmooth, well cared-for feet, as if done by a professional pedicurist.
\r\nThis practical callus remover is a modern instrument for treating dry, rough and callused skin on the feet. Its grinding rollers rotate 40 times a second to effectively remove hard, jagged skin softly and effectively.
\r\nIt works faster and more safely than metal smoothing planes, since there are no blades used. And it is easier to employ than other methods that need constant rubbing. The callus remover is battery-operated and fits comfortably in the hand. It has never been easier to get smooth, soft-as-silk skin.
\r\nThe grinding rollers can be easily replaced; spares are available.
\r\nBox Contains:
\r\nCallus Remover
\r\n2x AA battery
\r\n2x rollers (fine-grain and coarse-grain)
\r\nUser Manual

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