IAGD10001 Manomasa

Manomasa Tortilla Chips White Cheddar - Pack of 12 x 160g

  • Manomasa Tortilla Chips White Cheddar. TEXTURE: finest WHITE corn masa rolled out nice and thick, rested then SLOW-TOASTED on a low heat, before being paddled through sunflower oil for a RUSTIC, but irresistible CRUMBLY chip. Golden linseeds add a gentle bite.

About Brand

We have come a long way since we decided to champion one of our favourite snacks; the tortilla chip. Our decision went from excitement to trepidation as we realised our challenge ahead! Over the last eight months our determination to create a range of tortilla chips like no other has seen us face some of our toughest challenges yet. In finding a site, creating the ultimate tortilla making line, and building our team. We have had our ups and downs and unexpected setbacks but together we have never compromised on our ultimate goal of achieving a chip of the highest quality using the finest ingredients. So after several trips to Mexico, munching our way through what feels like several tonnes of tortillas and even with our new factory flooding we have done it… our first bags of Manomasa are in our hands. It is this fighting spirit that has carried us through and that now exists as our motto; Tortillas with Spirit which you’ll see stamped on every one of our packs. Viva Manomasa!

About Range

TORTILLAS WITH SPIRIT We cook up dozens of batches of every new recipe to make sure we find the perfect SHAPE, TEXTURE and TASTE to make each tortilla shine. Some are made to be scooped, while others can travel solo, but one thing’s for sure they will all make your SPIRITS JUMP FOR JOY.

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Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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