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Masons Dog Oil - 100g

  • Dog oil is a blend of vegetable and mineral oils for use wherever massage is beneficial, on people or animals.


Product Description

  • It is not a licensed medicine
  • Dog oil is a blend of vegetable and mineral oils for use wherever massage is beneficial, on people or animals
  • Dog Oil does not smell nor irritate the skin nor stain clothes in normal use.


Rub it into the affected joints or muscles twice a day (more if possible) and massage in thoroughly. It is particularly beneficial after a warm bath. As it is difficult to massage one`s own shoulders or back, we recommend that you ask someone to help in those cases. Many physiotherapists having started using Dog Oil as a result of such requests from patients.


Are there any animal products in Dog Oil?
No. Dog Oil is a blend of rape oil and petroleum jelly.

Can you use it on animals?
Yes. It was originally used for massaging racing dogs, hence the name. It is still used for dogs and horses.

Is it tested on animals?
No. People have used Dog Oil for at least 70 years with no ill effects.

Who else uses it?
Many athletes, including long distance runners, tri-athletes, cyclists, wrestlers, rugby and football teams, find Dog Oil helps them warm up muscles before taking part in sport, ease their muscles and joints afterwards and aid physiotherapy on damaged muscles, tendons and joints.


The earliest reference we have found to dog oil is in a book by Ambrose Bierce published around 1890 in the U.S.A. Our family have been making Dog Oil in England since at least 1920 and the secret has been handed down through the generations from "Owd Bob", pet shop owner of Dukinfield, Cheshire, to the present manufacturers, Mason's Products, Littleborough, Lancashire. The recipe is written in "Owd Bob's" notebook of pet remedies, so we believe that it was originally used for massaging racing dogs - greyhounds - and that it was then found to benefit people. This is backed up by talking to people who have been involved in dog racing for many years. A similar product, dog fat, was made in many old time herbalists by rendering down waste animal fats, including, so we are told, that of dead dogs.

Today this is no longer the case and Dog Oil is made solely from vegetable oil and mineral oil, with no added ingredients at all. It is not tested on animals, having been proven in use for so long.

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