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Massage Oil Omni Muscle 100ml Aromatherapy Massage Oils

  • Sports Massage Oil
  • Pour a small amount into the palms of your hands and massage into skin avoiding eyes
  • Lavender is a highly versatile oil which is soothing, antiseptic, eases tired muscles, balances head tension, soothes sensitive skin and helps aid a restful nights sleep
  • Carrier Oils include Sweet Almond which contains many minerals and vitamins that each protects and nourishes the skin, soothing irritations caused by eczema and dry skin conditions.
  • Use with the original Omni Massage Roller for deep tissue massage
  • For use in bath pour a little oil under hot running water
  • It is often used to promote a restful night, to clear the head and for stressful lifestyles
  • A very invigorating oil which re-energises tired muscles and weary feet
  • Essential oils- Clary Sage is a deeply relaxing essential oil that treats chronic fatigue and is an anti spasmodic, helps with detoxifying, is regenerative and a natural analgesic (pain releiver), an essential oil that also soothes the nervous system
  • Is also effective in regenerating skin cells, skin toning and for its skin detoxifying properties
  • Sweet Marjoram essential oil is perfect after a strenuous day, warming, relaxing and comforting
  • It can be very beneficial for everyday muscle aches and after-sport activity
  • A Muscle Soothing Aromatherapy massage oil blend formulated to help to prepares you for sporting events, preventing injury to muscles and ligaments, encourage relief from muscular tension and general aches pains in muscles and joints
  • The blend of essential oils helps to increase circulation, activate the lymphatic system and breaks down lactic acid build up and can accelerate recovery from muscle injuries and torn ligaments
  • The Omni Massage Oils are a combination of all natural aromatherapy oils for use on the body or in the bath
  • Rosemary known for stimulating, reviving and clearing
  • Rosemary essential oil promotes clear thinking, aids concentration and is said to improve the memory
  • Firstaid4sport
  • Firstaid4sport Massage Oils

Product Description

  • Muscle soothing natural oil
    Tissue massage or bath oil
    Clary dage, sweet marjoram
    Lavender, rosemary

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