FAFS10489 Firstaid4sport

Massage Roller Omni Heavy Metal Massage Firstaid4sport

  • Firstaid4Sport Massage
  • You can control the pressure and with the unique mobility of the massage ball, it is simple to use
  • The Heavy Metal Omni roller provides a stimulating deep tissue massage that requires less pressure due to the weight of the roller
  • It can be used in conjunction with oils and creams
  • The Omni Heavy massage roller must be dismantled for washing and throroughly dried before re assembly
  • The Omni Heavy Metal Massage roller with easy to grip handle make it the tool of choice for professional or home use
  • Also it's the perfect tool for cross fibre, deep tissue and trigger point therapy
  • You can also remove the ball bearing for easy cleaning and the hole in the top is ideal to pour in warmed oils for easy application
  • The ball bearing can also be placed in the freezer or warmed to change the temperature for application on muscle groups.

Product Description

  • Heavy Ball Bearing
    Deep Tissue Massage
    Can be warmed or cooled
    Can be used with Oils

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