Sorry - this product is no longer available

This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Master Lock 7 Piece Electrical Lockout Pouch Kit

Product Description

  • The pouch combines and organises the electrical lockout devices and has a single compartment and hook and loop belt loop.

    The kit contains:
    1 x S31RED padlock
    1 x 75CRED - circuit breaker padlock
    1 x 420 - Steel lock out hasp (holds up to 6 padlocks)
    2 x 493B - Circuit breaker lock out – standard toggles
    1 x 491B - circuit breaker lock out – wide/tall toggles
    1 x 497A - ‘DO NOT OPERATE’ tags.

  • Masterlock’s range of ‘READY TO GO’ Lock out kits are quick and practical solutions to give you the right range of lock out equipment to get the job done straightaway! Each kit has the right mix of products for specific uses.

    This Masterlock Lockout kit is delivered in a wearable pouch, which makes it practical and portable

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