AHCC52737 Master Lock

Master Lock Electrical Lockout / Tagout Kit


Product Description

  • This is an exclusive line of lockout tagout accessories including innovative and patent-pending items such as cable lockout, gate valve, ball valve, circuit breaker, plug covers and much more
  • Available individually or in modular lockout kits and stations, these lockout tagout products are easy-to-use and effective.

    The Master Lock Safety Series™ products are designed to help you successfully implement the best possible lockout tagout system for your requirements helping you to meet or surpass OSHA's lockout tagout requirements

  • While it's important to satisfy regulations the main goal with our range is to help you prevent accidents and protect yourself and your employees
  • You can rely on the Safety Series™ lockout and tagout products to perform to the high standards you expect from Master Lock.

    This kit is dedicated to electrical Lockout: The electrician will find everything they need for a safe and secure job

  • The kit follows OSHA LOTO standards and '17th edition BS7671' regulations in the UK.

    The kit contains:
    1 x Compact lockout pouch (S1010).
    2 x Zenex™ keyed alike padlocks (S32KARED).
    4 mini circuit breakers (S2390, S2391, S2392 & S2393).
    1 x universal circuit breaker lockout (491B).
    2 x 'Warning Equipment has been locked out' tags S4268LEN).

  • Master Lock offers a complete line of safety padlocks and lockout tagout products - Safety Series™

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