OPHT10642 Maxicol

Maxicol Granules - 375g

  • Maxicol Granules.A food supplement with a special combination of natural soluble dietary fibre and friendly probiotic cultures which can help promote healthy intestinal activity, digestion and colon regularity as part of a healthy diet.



The company was founded over 160 years ago in 1846 here in Hitchin, Hertfordshire by William Ransom. William was a Quaker philanthropist and most importantly for us, a botanist. William, a contemporary of Charles Darwin, was a highly influential figure in early research into the analysis of botanicals.

For four generations the Ransom family kept alive that passion and ran the company until 2008 when the baton was passed to a new management to take it forward, with members of the family maintaining a close interest. Using skills, knowledge, and close working partnerships with growers around the world the company is evolving from a simple pharmaceutical and extract manufacturer into a company leading the development of natural consumer healthcare products.

We have been members of The Healthfood Manufacturer's Association since 1998, and are on the Council. We have also been a members of The Proprietary Association of Great Britain for OTC medicines and food supplements since 1991.

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