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MaxTrax ROM Ankle Walker - Large

  • The ROM settings are fully adjustable and with the quick and easy release you can adjust the dial to allow a limited range of movement from 45 degrees plantar-flexion (toes pointing to the floor) up to 30 degrees dorsi-flexion (lifting your toes upwards) in 7.5 degrees increments
  • The brace can also be locked in a fixed position from 0, 7.5, 15, 22.5 and 30 degrees in both directions as well
  • This is a top level brace giving the Ultimate level of protection
  • The MaxTrack Range of Movement (ROM) provides a fully protected range of motion options for the lower leg and ankle following injury or post operative
  • This brace is ideal for anyone recovering from any lower leg fractures, sprains and after any operations as it allows the lower leg to be splinted in a rigid cast for the first few days and then when instructed by a physiotherapist weight bearing can begin and the movement for the ankle increased slowly
  • This early range of motion will aid many people in starting their rehabilitation while still having the maximum amount of protection available and starting to walk as soon as possible in a near natural way will reduce the aches and pains in the knee or hip joints that can occur when in a rigid plaster cast


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