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Meadows Aromatherapy Evening Primrose Carrier Oil - 250ml

  • Evening Primrose Carrier Oil. A light, gentle, nourishing oil containing approximately 8% of the useful fatty acid GLA (gamma linolenic acid). Good for rehydrating problem skin. As with borage (also rich in GLA), evening primrose oil is used for its skin moisturising and balancing properties.

Product Description

Use in blends for body massage in conjunction with suitable essential oils. You can add just a few drops to a blend, right up to 100% if needed. GLA rich oils are often taken internally in capsule form for balancing the female cycle. supplied in non-pvc plastic bottles.


We first started making our aromatherapy products over 20 years ago from a small outbuilding in a farm in Kent, England. We are still based in Kent, and still an independent friendly company.

Meadows Aromatherapy has always been a trusted brand for the general public, therapists, natural healers and medical doctors who we sell to world-wide. Our product range is extensive, with exceptional quality and vibration, and each boxed essential oil has its own unique instruction leaflet. When you purchase, you will further assist our support for Charities (see charity section). Our policy on price has always been to make our products affordable and reachable to all, without compromise on quality.


Carrier Oils

These oils (also know as base, massage or fixed oils) are used primarily as dilution media for aromatherapy massage blends of essential oils. They are extracted in different ways from various types and parts of plants, including the nuts, seeds, leaves and flowers. Each has its own distinct characteristics.

We select what we believe to be the best carrier oils. Where possible we use the unrefined version of the oils that often contain more natural goodness, including vitamins and other beneficial ingredients.

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