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Medisana Lice Comb

  • Lice Comb. Simple combing frees hair from head lice and nits. Also suitable for dogs and cats.


Nothing is more important to people than their health. This fact has been driving our company for more than 25 years, making MEDISANA now one of the leading healthcare specialists. We operate in the home health care market and work continuously to develop, manufacture and market healthcare products for the end user – so that these products can help ever more people to monitor their own state of health independently and conscientiously, to treat themselves without risk, and to practice beauty care professionally.

Human health is a demanding goal, actively pursued by our strong team at MEDISANA. A high level of experience, internationality, enthusiasm for technology, creativity and motivation are as self-evident as good team spirit.

MEDISANA International documents our boundless activities in product development and marketing. We use the resources of the world market, and in recent years have established an international corporate network of subsidiaries, licence partners and distributors – a healthy company with potential for growth. Talk to us if you want to find out more about MEDISANA. We look forward to your interest.

The jf Lazartigue laboratory has perfected a range of hair care products designed to restore a perfect natural balance to your hair. These products benefit from the most advanced understanding of the formation and development of a single hair, and the latest research into raw materials. Ultra gentle, the products are nonetheless spectacularly effective, thanks to the harmonius combination of highly concentrated active ingredients with an enriched revitalising base.


Did you know that...
in order to survive, lice need a long-term temperature of more than 20° C (ideal temperature 35 degrees)?

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