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Medisana Meditouch-2 Glucose Diabetes Testing Monitor

  • Medisana Meditouch-2 Glucose Diabetes Testing Monitor

Product Description

The MediTouch 2 test strips are based on an improved enzyme composition (GDH-FAD), which reacts with glucose specifically and thus, minimises the influence of other substances. In addition, the test strips have an underfilling detection feature which prevents measurement if the blood sample is not sufficient.
\r\nThus, MediTouch 2 provides more accurate measurement results and offers diabetes patients a feeling of assurance that they are getting optimal support in their health management. Equipped with several other useful features, such as average value calculation, test reminders and marking meal times, MediTouch 2 is the optimal companion for your day-to-day life when you have diabetes.
\r\n480 memory slots
\r\nAcoustic test reminder
\r\n3 years warranty
\r\nNew improved quality standards to enable you to measure your blood glucose levels more accurately
\r\nUSB port for data transfer, storage and analysis on VitaDock Online
\r\nPre and post meal markers
\r\nStarter Kit
\r\nLancing Device
\r\nAST Cap
\r\n10 lancets included (Meditouch Lancets)
\r\n10 test strips (Meditouch-2 Strips)
\r\nControl Solution included
\r\nMeasures in mmol/L
\r\nVitaDock Software
\r\nThe software VitaDock by Medisana allows to save, view, analyze and export your personal vital data like blood pressure, blood glucose, body temperature, weight and activity.
\r\nInstall the VitaDock software on your PC or Mac and create your own, password-protected user account. You can then transfer your stored measurement results from your PC or Mac into your secure online account. Here you find a broad range of options: view your results as statistical graphs or in table view, filter your data to show only morning or afternoon results, calculate averages and trends over adjustable time frames or print your values to show to your doctor. Besides the numerous features to view and display your data in the online portal, VitaDock Online enables you to synchronize your data with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and several Android-devices.

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