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Medistym Electronic Pain Relief Plaster

  • Natural pain relief without side effects using TENS-therapy.

Product Description

Natural pain relief without side-effects by means of transcutaneous nerve stimulation
Simple to use: just place the adhesive pad on the painful area
The intensity can be individually adjusted
Replaceable adhesive pad
Storage box

Pain-relieving plaster Medistim with pad
1 battery

Batterie: 1 x 3 V, Typ CR 3032


Emotions and expectations are changing our lifestyle, they are shifting priorities and they ultimately trigger the desire for new products. Younger people feel an increasing responsibility for their own health, older people wish to live a longer and healthier life. Conscientious eating habits and physical activities are gaining ground.

MEDISANA has reacted to these trends at an early stage and created a complete range of innovative, high quality Home Health Care products, which are easy to use and of outstanding design.

MEDISANA products are being offered in three core categories:
- Health control
- Home therapy
- Beauty

Progress in medical research and resulting know-how enable us to monitor important body functions more reliably and to perform safe self therapy within the privacy of our own home.

Intensive quality control helps to fullfill the high expectations of our customers, regarding performance and reliability of all MEDISANA products. After more than 20 years of development and market experience, MEDISANA has become the world's leading player in the Home Health Care industry.

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