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Melco 53B Box Spanners Set 0 - 10BA

Product Description

  • Set of 6

    Consisting of 1 each

    OX1BA x 2in Long (50mm) Double ended
    2 X 3BA x 3in Long (75mm) Double ended
    4 x 5BA x 3in Long (75mm) Double ended
    6 x 7BA x 3in Long (75mm) Double ended
    8 x 9 BA x 3in Long (75mm) Double ended
    10BA x 3in Long (75mm) Single ended

  • Box spanners are thinner than a socket and are much longer so that they can be used to loosen or tighten bolts and nuts in narrow recesses, meaning that they are often used in plumbing maintenance and automotive repair.

    These tubular box spanner is made from bright plated steel and able to accommodate a tommy bar.

    Tubular Box Spanner Set made from bright plated steel.

    Size range: 0-10BA

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