MENT10130 Mentholatum

Mentholatum Deep Heat Maximum Strength - 35g

  • Deep Heat Maximum Strength Rub provides a more intensive warming therapy, which quickly generates a deep soothing warmth.


Product Description

  • As its absorbed your body's natural enzymes turn its special blend of ingredients into a powerful painkiller.

    A topical painkiller which is rapidly absorbed by the skin and produces gentle warmth
  • The penetrating warmth of products in the Deep Heat range help stimulate circulation, relax stiffness and reoxygenate tense, painful tissues.

    Recommended for the symptomatic relief of muscular pains and stiffness, including rheumatic pain, sciatica, lumbago, fibrositis and sprains.
  • Treat your aching muscles and rheumatic pain with the powerful warmth of Deep Heat


Contains a special blend of ingredients that, together with a massage, provide a penetrating warmth to relieve pain and relax stiff muscles. Typical ingredients are a counter irritant to provide a tingling, pain relieving sensation; a warming rubefacient to dilate the blood vessels, re-oxygenate the tissues and relax the muscles; and a natural analgesic, which is absorbed through the skin.


Situated in East Kilbride, Scotland, The Mentholatum Company specialises in the manufacture and supply of high quality healthcare products.

With a reputation spanning over 100 years, we are an acknowledged leader in the Sale of Topical Pain Relief products. For example, DEEP HEAT is now available in over 140 countries. Three different treatments - DEEP HEAT, DEEP FREEZE and DEEP RELIEF are available to bring you Fast, Effective Relief from muscular aches and pain.

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