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Mia Tui Baby Changing Bag - Minnie Amelie Aubergine

  • The left and right flap sections of the mat come with pockets to fit wipes and nappies into, ensuring your bag is as organised as possible.The buggy clips allow your changing bag to fit nicely on the handles of your buggy.As with all our bags, Minnie Amelie is waterproof inside and out and comes in a range of colours.You'll find our unique interior with multiple pockets, zips, clips and extra bags, means you never have to dig for a missing key or dummy again
  • Minnie Amelie is the perfect baby changing bag, big enough to see you through the baby stage, weaning, potty training and beyond.Our baby changing mat fits neatly inside the pockets and has also been designed with intelligence
  • And you'll fit everything you need in one bag to stay looking stylish.Minnie is made in ultra soft faux-leather.

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