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KSPL11719 Miele

Miele C3 EcoLine - Lotus White

by Miele
  • The Complete C3 EcoLine Plus is one of our most environmentally friendly vacuum cleaners, as well as having a larger capacity


Product Description

    • The Complete C3 Silence EcoLine Plus has been designed to minimise noise levels whilst cleaning the home, ideal for those who have nervous pets or have children who take a nap during the day
    • With super silent sound insulation around the motor, and a sound power level of just 69dB, this is the quietest vacuum cleaner you will find in the range
    • Dynamic Drive swivel castors with rubberised wheels and shock absorbers ensure a quiet driving experience and protect your floors
    • In conjunction with the 11m operating radius of this model, you should find it straightforward when trying to reach all of those nooks and crannies around the home
    • The Complete C3 Silence EcoLine Plus boasts a maximum power output of 700W, but performs to the standard of a 2000W model thanks to the clever AirTeQ floorhead, as well as the innovative Power Chip which ensures that the power consumption is always put to best use
    • This floorhead has a 10% higher dust pickup than our standard floorhead, and with the other accompanying accessories, it can help to reduce allergens found in the home
    • The HEPA 13 filter will filter 99
    • 999% of dust and pollen from the air*, and the new Miele HyClean 3D Efficiency dustbag is self-closing so emptying your vacuum will no longer result in fine dust re-entering your home environment
    • These features have enabled the Complete C3 Silence EcoLine Plus vacuum cleaner to achieve a dust emission class of ‘A’


  • Hygiene 3D Efficiency
    Designed with optimum dust retention in mind, Miele have created the HyClean Dustbag with 3D efficiency. The bag side-folds ensure the whole of the bag is inflated when in use. This equates to an additional 20 per cent more than the previous design.
    High suction power. Low consumption.
    This generation of Miele vacuum cleaners uses up to 50 per cent less electricity than previous generations of appliances. At the same time, they ensure superb cleaning performance. Miele offers two types of motor for your floor care requirements: EcoLine and PowerLine. Regardless of which one you choose: each model offers you the ideal balance of performance and consumption.

    Miele Quality
    Miele Vacuum cleaners are put through their paces at test laboratories to ensure that they stand the test of time and deliver optimal performance. The floorheads are tested for 600 miles over different floor types and the motor is subjected to 1000 hours of usage and the body of the vacuum cleaner is rigorously tested. Designed with quality in mind, Miele vacuum cleaners are tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use.

    Why have EU energy labels?
    An energy label is being introduced in line with EU rulings for vacuum cleaners in order to reduce European energy consumption and to make the performance of appliances more transparent for the customer. It will also contribute towards environmental protection.
    When will the new energy label be introduced?

    From 1 September 2014 all vacuum cleaners throughout Europe will have an energy label. The maximum power consumption for vacuum cleaners will be limited to less than 1600 Watts in accordance with the Eco Design Directive.


  • Product Specifications
    FloorheadSBD 650-3
    AirTeQ floorheadY
    Three-piece accessory setIntegrated
    Crevice nozzleY
    Dusting brush with natural bristlesY
    Upholstery nozzleY

    Appliance typeCylinder
    RangeComplete C3
    Available coloursLotus White
    3-point manoeuvrabilityY
    Castors - Dynamic driveY
    Ergonomic handleY
    All-round bumper stripY
    Suction tubeStainless steel telescopic tube

    Dimensions and weight
    Width590 mm
    Length320 mm
    Net weight5.4kg

    Silence System PlusY

    Performance and capacity
    Max. power700W
    Operating radius11m
    Automatic dustbag positioningY

    Safety and convenience
    Electronic suction power control+/- Foot switches
    Silence SystemY
    Motor protection filterY
    Locking system for floorhead and handleY
    Park system for storageBoth sides
    Park system for vacuuming breaksY
    Cable rewindComfort cable

    Technical and consumption
    Motor typeEcoLine plus
    HyClean GNY
    Dustbag volume4.5 litre dustbag
    Exhaust filterHEPA 13 filter
    Energy efficiency classA
    Annual energy consumption in kWh25.2
    Dust emission classA
    Carpet cleaning classD
    Hard floor cleaning classD
    Sound power level dB(A) re 1 pW69
    Nominal power consumption in W600

About Range

  • The Miele C3 range has been designed with convenience in mind, allowing you to focus on cleaning your home as efficiently as possible. +/- foot controls give you the ability to adjust power settings easily when you are moving from hardfloor to carpet, and a park system will allow you to take vacuuming breaks when your home life interrupts your cleaning.
    Miele deliver performance and build quality to the finest detail. The vacuum cleaner filtration system is no exception to this. With a three stage filtration process built into the body of each vacuum cleaner; dust, allergens and odours are captured and contained, leaving your home clean and free of dirt.
    Silence System Plus.
    With the specially insulated motor, the silence system delivers exceptional results with as little noise as possible.
    Bagged System
    Miele have created a special fleece that provides nine layers of filtration that retain more fine dust and small particles then a conventional dustbag. Also featured is the auto-shut mechanism that automatically closes the bag when the vacuum cleaner is opened, preventing dust from escaping back into the air.


  • Box Contains
    1 x Vacuum cleaner
    1 x XL handle
    1 x Hose
    1 x Telescopic suction tube
    1 x Floorhead
    1 x Upholstery nozzle
    1 x Crevice nozzle
    1 x Upholstery nozzle
    1 x Accessory holder
    1 x GN dustbag
    1 x AirClean filter


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Dialog example

This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.