BIOH11954 Bio-Health

Milk Thistle Capsules (Bio Health Silamarie) - 60s

  • Purefil Vegan .Vegetarian No fillers or binders Additive Free.
  • Bio-Health Silamarie 400mg



The philosophy of herbal medicine is based on the principle that medication should be gentle and as natural as possible. Herbs present a complete array of complicated chemical substances that over thousands of years have been found to have healing qualities for humans.

Today, in our scientifically demanding society, phytotherapy is again valued. More and more people are taking time to find out about herbal medicine and its uses for everyday disorders.

Bio-Health’s Classic Herbal Medicines are not synthetically produced. They offer quality and purity to those seeking a more natural way to look after their health and well being.The generic herbal products in this range are selected for their efficacy in treating self limiting conditions. All Bio-Health formulae comprise remedies possessing specific affinities with the traditional practice of blending herbs - selecting roots, seeds, barks and other parts of plants.

They are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, of the best material available and offer effectiveness to the user.

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