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This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Milwaukee Kango 900K Breaker K Steel Reception 1600 Watt 240 Volt

Product Description

  • It has a highly robust design with fewer vulnerable parts and high motor power input for enhanced reliability and durability
  • The Milwaukee Kango 900K Breaker with K Steel Reception

  • This breaker offers superior performance with high blow energy of 27 joules.

    The AVS (Anti Vibration System) is incorparted on all handles (rear, additional front spade and straight handle), and with soft-grip to decrease user fatigue.

    Other features inculde: full-wave digital electronics, variable speed electronic, softstart, no load speed limitation, lock on switch, service indicator light, automatic cut off carbon brushes, and speed preselection switch (A - G).

    Comes supplied with a heavy-duty carry case, 6 metre cable, front spade handle, straight handle, dust shield and grease.

    Power Input: 1,600 Watts.
    Single Blow Energy: 7 - 27 Joules.
    Hammer Rate Under Load: 975 - 1,950 bpm.
    Tool Reception: K-Hex.
    Vibration level (3-axis) breaking: 11.0 m/s2.
    Weight: 11Kg.

    240 Volt version for mains use.

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