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Milwaukee SDS-Plus Chisel Point 250mm (1)

Product Description

  • Each chisel is crafted individually through forging, sharpening, hardening, tempering and finishing
  • The tempering operation creates a uniform hardened surface across the complete chisel to give it impact strength, more wear resistance and the required elasticity.

    The chisels then go through the final finishing process, which gives the chisel a smooth grain flow surface, and a special corrosion resistant treatment

  • The chisels are precision formed using traditional forging skills coupled with sophisticated machinery for the specific tip design.

    The heat treatment process is totally enclosed and computer controlled ensuring consistent results, which guarantees that the complete chisel is hardened throughout to 55 HRC

  • To achieve long service life these chisels can be re-sharpened time and time again.

    Length: 250mm.

    Milwaukee SDS-Plus Chisel.

    Type: Point

  • Milwaukee SDS-Plus Chisels are made from specifically defined alloy steel

  • Length: 250mm.
    Pack size: 1.

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