MINV10008 Minvita

Minvita Mushroom Powder - 80g

  • Minvita Mushroom Superfood Powder is made from 100% natural and organic white button mushrooms
  • Carefully grown under UV light to produce healthy mushroom packed with Vitamin D.
  • Minvita Mushroom Powder


Product Description

  • It can be mixed into smoothies or used as a cooking ingredient.
  • Normally mushrooms are commercially produced in dark warehouses as they do not need sunlight to grow, but the Minvita mushrooms receive a carefully-measured amount of bright light to simulate sunlight and trigger the Vitamin D-producing action.

    As many as 70 per cent of Britons are thought to have a Vitamin D insufficiency, which is believed to be caused by diet and the country’s poor weather and short winter days.

    Just 2g /day of Minvita Superfood Mushroom Powder will provide the recommended allowance of Vitamin D

Nutrition Information

Serving size - 1 teaspoon (2g /0. 07oz)

Servings per container: 40
Per 100g % RI
Energy 1481kJ / 354 kcal
Fat 3.9g
of which saturates 0.7g
Carbohydrate 46.3g
of which sugars 0g
Fibre 20.7g
Protein 34.7g
Salt 2.26g
Vitamin D 200mg 4000%
Calcium 52.9mg
Iron 5.47mg 39 %
Potassium 3810mg 152%

Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

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