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Miracle Matcha Matcha Health Mix-In - 300g

  • Miracle Matcha Matcha Health Mix-In
  • Using some of the most nutritious natural foods from around the world, we've created a delicious and versatile sprinkle 'topping' crammed full of fabulously healthy ingredients including the anti-oxidant boosting goodness of our special white tea Miracle Matcha


Product Description

  • Besides tasting great, Miracle Matcha Health Mix-In has been created to give you a no-hassle health 'injection' every single day
  • Just sprinkle it on to hot or cold meals and snacks such as yogurts, cereals, smoothies, salads and stews - in fact you can add it to just about anything!
  • Just two dessertspoons of the Mix-In provides a single serving of around 25-30 grams
  • This convenient health and wellbeing 'package' contains:
  • High grade white tea Miracle Matcha - contains up to three times the levels of anti-oxidant polyphenols of Asian green tea matchas
  • Premium fine-milled flaxseed - contains high levels of lignans, which may reduce the activity of cell-damaging free radicals, slow the ageing process and increase overall wellness
  • It is also rich in fibre and in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, polyunsaturated fat offering unique heart health benefits
  • Chia seeds - regarded as the most beneficial of all seeds, this 'super seed' is high in Omega-3
  • Goji berries - very high in anti-oxidants and vitamin A, essential for good health
  • Stevia - a natural sweetener and low Glycaemic Index ingredient


Not only is it packed full of healthy ingredients to make you feel great, our Miracle Matcha mix-in topping is also extremely versatile - a re-sealable pack gives you extra convenience and easy transportation for all-day healthy eating. One pack provides between seven and ten servings. Miracle Matcha has one of the highest recorded levels of important anti-oxidant polyphenols of any tea or fruit. In fact, our exclusive white tea Miracle Matcha contains up to three times the level of polyphenol of Asian green tea matchas. Flax Seeds (milled) Milled Flax Seed allows your body to fully absorb the benefits of Omega-3 Oils. Two tablespoons of Milled Flax Seed provides you with 2600 mg of Omega-3 Oils! Flax seed is also rich in dietary fibre, plentiful in vitamins and minerals. and combines the benefits from Flax seed Oil, Fibre preparations, Lignan, Mucilage (soluble fibre) and High quality protein all in one complete wholesome product. Chia Seeds (milled) These tiny Chia seeds are high in calcium, fibre and Omega-3 nutrients, and are low in calories. Benefits include increased energy levels, improved digestion, and better complexion - they also swell up after hydration so keep you feeling fuller for longer. Goji berries A deliciously healthy 'super fruit' also called wolfberry, which is high in vitamin A, anti-oxidants and other minerals and compounds. They have reportedly been used to treat many common health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, fever, and age-related eye problems. Benefits: Low in sugar Suitable for those on a low glycemic index diet Suitable for vegetarians (approved by the Vegetarian Society) Suitable for vegans Gluten and lactose free Contains no artificial ingredients Contains no preservatives or flavourings

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