MITA10002 Miso Tasty

Miso Tasty Spicy Aka Miso Soup - Pack of 4 x 20g

  • Our Spicy Aka Miso soup is a red miso blend featuring aromatic Japanese shichimi and sancho chillies
  • Miso Tasty Spicy Aka Miso Soup
  • We have designed this recipe to be subtle and gentle in flavour, so that the zesty spice grows with every sip and is not too overpowering.


Product Description

  • This stops the soup from becoming too hot as you slurp your way to the bottom of the bowl
    The shichimi spice mix includes red chilli, white sesame seeds, ginger, spice pepper, nori and hemp seeds
    Only 37 calories per serving, but really filling
    Perfectly paired with noodles, this Spicy Aka can be quickly transformed into a more substantial lunch, akin to bold-flavoured Asian hotpots
  • A deep flavoured, red blended miso soup with aromatic chillies
    Fermented for 12 months for a more complex taste
    Spice sensation gets stronger with every sip – we have paired shichimi, a hot chilli mix, with a Sansho chilli that numbs the tongue and halts the heat from the spice

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