TQVH10003 Snaffling PIg

Mixed Foils 50 x 50g

  • Mixed box of all five flavours 10 x BBQ10 x Habanero Chilli 10 x Perfectly Salted10 x Salt and Vinegar10 x Maple

Product Description

Case of 50 / 50G Per Packet BBQ x 10 Packets If you love the wonderful, smokey taste of BBQ than this one is for you. Made from the freshest pork crackling, double cooked and sprinkled with BBQ seasoning, it makes our mouth water just writing about it. Habanero Chilli x 10 Packets This particular crackling is hot stuff- its filled with our Habanero crackling. We're not talking mouth burning, face melting hot (for that see Pig of Doom) but there is more than a little tickle of the taste buds in there. After all, as our friend and all round meat aficionado JD once said: "If you're going to do Chilli, then you need to DO chilli and when I eat it, I want to know about it." The Snaffling Pig is not one to ignore such wise advice. The Nutritionist Pig says these bad boys are Gluten Free. Perfectly Salted x 10 Packets Our Perfectly Salted may not be the most flamboyant of flavours, but what it lacks in avante garde thrills it more than makes up for in brilliant basics: Crispy, salty awesomeness. Think of it as Team SP’s the ever-present holding midfielder- others might have occasional fancier tricks and brighter boots, but this one is always the first name down on the team sheet. Salt and Vinegar x 10 Packets This is a particular favourite at Snaffling Pig HQ and is almost universally loved when tried. As you may have gathered, we're big on bold flavour, so you'll be in no doubt what you're snaffling; this one is as tangy as it is moorish. The Nutritionist Pig says these bad boys are Gluten Free. Maple x 10 Packets Inspired by SP's love of a pancake & syrup breakfast, Maple is our first sweeter variety and is something genuinely a bit different. With a lovely sweet/salty balance, it’s still very much suited to accompanying a pint, but we've seen it demolished alongside all sorts of drinks and at all times of day! The old school traditional scratching muncher might disagree with a sweeter porky snack, but we can't hear them for all the snaffling going on

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