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Moldex Series 3000 Reusable Mask FFP3 - D Ventex Valve Pack of 5

Product Description

  • The mask is certified to FFP3 R D for protection against all dusts, mists and fumes (based on water and oil)
  • The user can hang the mask around the neck during breaks.
    -DuraMesh® structure for optimum shape retention and durability.
    -ActivForm® Seal automatically adjusts to different face shapes.
    -Ventex®-valve: reduces moisture and heat, keeping the mask as cool as possible.

    Pack of five Moldex MOL3405 Series 3000 Reusable Mask FFP3 - D Ventex Valve

  • It provides respiratory protection for concentrations of organic vapours inorganic/acid gases and ammonia up to 20 x WEL.

    Other features include:
    -Pleated filter technology which reduces breathing resistance by up to 50%.
    -Washable face seal - wipes clean leaving the mask hygienic.
    -Strap and Clip, for easy application

  • Moldex Series 3000 reusable mask range have a washable full face seal and the unique pleated filter technology provides the option of using the mask for more than one shift - ideally suited to heavy industries

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