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Molecular Gastronomy Bundle

  • This is the perfect gift for any budding molecular chef keen to experiment and play with the diner's senses. The set contains our popular starter molecular gastronomy kit and the latest in food inovation, the Aroma Fork kit. If you've ever wanted to imitate the likes of Ferran Adria and Heston Blummenthal you can now!The Cuisine R-Evolution Molecular Gastronomy Kit contains all the basic kitchen equipment you need to transform normal food into molecular cuisine, as well as twenty sachets of essential additives and a recipe DVD to get you started on emulsification, spherification, gelification, foam-making and so much more.While our taste buds recognise only five primary tastes, our noses are capable of far more subtle distinctions. The Aroma Forks are designed to encourage the playful cook to balance flavours with smells and create a whole new dining experience. The set contains four specially designed Aroma Forks and 21 aromas for endless combinations.

Product Description

The Molecular Gastronomy Kit contains: 5 Sachets Agar-Agar5 Sachets Calcium Lactate5 Sachets Sodium Alginate5 Sachets Soy LecithinSlotted SpoonMeasuring SpoonPipettesFood Grange SyringeSilicone TubesSilicone Mold50-Recipe DVD The Aroma Fork kit contains:4 x AROMAFORKS™21 x Selected Aromas4 x Droppers50 x Diffusing Papers1x Multi-Sensory Evening Programme The aromas included:3 "Beans" aromas - chocolate, coffee, and vanilla4 "Fruits" aromas - banana, lychee, passion fruit and strawberry3 "Herbs" aromas - basil, cilantro and mint3 "Nuts" aromas - almond, coconut and peanut4 "Spices" aromas - black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and wasabi4 "Umami" aromas - butter, olive oil, smoke and truffle

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